08 September 2006

For those of you who don't read Gawker...

(First, did you know Green Symphony puts granola in smoothies? Best thing about working in Times Square. Moving on...)

Okay, y'all know I love my cats. A lot. And sure, sometimes James and I fall into the trap of thinking of them as little people - mostly because Phineus is obscenely smart and alert for a kitten, and looks at you with more intelligence and perception than half of my college classmates could muster. And yeah, we abuse them - James body slams Meg onto the bed and force-pets her tummy, and last night I decided to see if she liked wrestling, and being pinned under my torso. (Answer: no. But she might learn.) But this is just too fantastic: the Cat Shaman.

Part one - "At this point, I have been informed that the Shaman has reached out to Dreamka from Naples, Florida, and if she--the cat from Brooklyn--agrees to pursue therapy, then it will commence post haste."

Part two - "Working with her basic chakra next and starting with her physical/etheric level she said "ouch". Searching for the source of this she led me inside her rectum."

Read on. It's really pretty wonderful. Reading part two just now, I wonder if I had one of those at-my-computer smiles that gives away the fact that I'm actually not composing emails to prospective talkback guests, because right now composing emails to prospective talkback guests makes me want to take the straw from my banana/peach/granola smoothie and stab myself in the eye. (No Sarah Vowell. Boo. But it's because she's writing a new book! Yay!)

(By the way, if you ever do a google image search for "violet incredibles," prepare to be scarred. Why would people draw Incrediporn? Why??)

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Pioneer Woman said...

Ewww...how could they? I'm not even gonna google it. I get some disturbing referring URL's on my site. Usually, they're funny...but sometimes they're just plain disturbing.