21 September 2006

Obsessive Stalking Goes Public, Makes Me Famous

Okay, so IvyGate was having a hot professors contest. And I sent in a submission, because any way to take advantage of my fancy degree and the exclusivity it confers, and I'm there. And they asked me if they could print my gilded words, they loved them so much. And I said sure, whore for flattery that I am. And they printed the whole damn thing. And it makes me totally sound like a stalker.

That's, um, embarrassing. I mean, it's all true. And at least my full name's not there, so when people google me they'll still just find that article about when I got my ass kicked on College Jeopardy. Isn't that a relief? But I did wax sorta... verbose. Read of my obsession in all its wordy glory here.


Kate said...





I can't wait to show Rawaan.

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