22 September 2006

PoMo Week at Surplus: Some Fragments

Someone from the Brown English department followed the link from my IvyGate/Bewes debacle to here. Which means someone from the Brown English department read the IvyGate/Bewes smashup*. (Is it, as I type, turning into the hot 70 Brown Street forward of the afternoon?) I just really hope it wasn't my thesis advisor. Bewes, Coppélia, whatever. But there's a shonda, and then there's a shonda.

* * *

From Gawker: "Michel Gondry finally gets hot Gael Garcia Bernal to speak in English. Try not touch yourself while watching The Science of Sleep, which opens tonight." Fuck yes.

* * *

I finally succumbed, and decided to make the most of working in Times Square and got lunch at Better Burger. Being a dirty hippie never tasted so good.

* * *

Suddenly my theatrical future is looking pretty awesome: Young Jean Lee's Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven, Absinthe... okay, that's really it. But both came up in the last two hours and they're both very exciting shows, so I'm psyched. (Does Absinthe even count? Whatever. We got the tickets on TDF, and it's in a tent. That sounds plenty theatrical to me.)

* * *

Also exciting: tonight I go to my mom's for apples & honey and noodle kugel,** and tomorrow James, John and I go to Six Flags. Any ride that requires me to take out my earrings for safety reasons is probably not a ride I'll be riding, but still - woo! (And this is a testament to the Power of the Blog - exactly two weeks ago I wrote, "Six Flags with John. I've blogged about it so now it has to happen. " I'm amazingly powerful.)

*How many synonyms for "fiasco" am I going to have to come up with?

**With pineapple. Fuck yes.

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