03 September 2006

This is what you get for being a smartass

You know when you were a precocious little girl, and you enjoyed knowing that being out in cold weather doesn't actually get people sick, germs get people sick, and people get actually get sick more in winter because they spend more time inside, in close proximity to other people and their germs? Well, now you're that little girl somewhat grown up, and that night spent in a brisk breeze on an East Village sidewalk has landed you, little girl, spending your Labor Day weekend on your couch trying to fend off the cold that's knock knock knocking on your door. And yes, you're still that precocious little science geek, and you know that a night of very little sleep and not so much warmth lowered your body's defenses and made it less able to fight off those damn germs, but still.

Was up last night till 4:30 at stepsister's all night wedding extravaganza. Heading to couch. Too tired for pronouns. Will write about Mother Courage later or tomorrow.

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