08 September 2006

When every leaf is a flower

The Oprah-worthy list you're about to read was actually not conceived as a counterbalance to last night's bitching. It was inspired by a Time Out NY article I read last night (see: item one), and compiled while I was waiting for the bus this morning. Hopefully this isn't too offensively optimistic.

Reasons to look forward to fall:

1. Concurrent gallery shows in October and November of John Currin and Lisa Yuskavage. Although I spent a year working in a museum, I don't really know much about art. Though I like it. And I know even less about contemporary art. There's some guy in England slicing and preserving sharks, and there's John Currin. Lisa Yuskavage is the name that you most often see alongside his, and they were alongside each other in this Time Out NY piece pointing out that they've both got shows this fall. For this I'll put aside my fear of galleries and head down to Chelsea or wherever. I don't know if this is the contemporary art equivalent of being totally psyched for a Dave Matthews concert, or those two days when I thought I was the only person in the world who knew how incredibly awesome The Postal Service was, but I don't care.

2. Theatre, and lots of it. This August drought doesn't do me well. Of course, with the return of theatre (makes it sound like a migrating bird) comes the return of stressing about how to see it for cheap, but that's almost part of the fun. Almost.

3. New roommate. That's three in three years. What is it about me and James that drives people away? Rather than answer that question (although it's more the cubicle room than us, I'm sure), we went to someone who's required to love at least him - his sister, Kate. This means: even more baseball-watching, a cleaner apartment, and lots of being called a lesbian (by Kate, not because of her). Also: Spanish/Italian Sundays. Kate spent the summer in Valencia, and I sure as hell need to brush up. Not sure how this fits in with James' recent learning of Italian, but it's some sort of plan.

4. Finally having all the people I want in New York actually living in New York. Not yet, but soon.

5. Six Flags with John. I've blogged about it so now it has to happen. [Update!: Tentatively scheduled for September 24th. Happy Rosh Hashanah indeed!]

6. Using the new New Yorkers as an excuse to take a ride on the double-decker sightseeing bus.

7. The weather. Sweaters and no air conditioners and the leaves changing and it not being summer any more.


Kate said...

Now, Jaime, I think I've pretty much gotten over calling you a lesbian. Basically, whenever it's brought up, YOU are doing so, and at that point it's just impossible for me to ignore it. And I really would have expected to see a few more warm comments from you regarding my imminent move-in. It sounds quite negative.

Jaime said...

Sorry. For the record, I'm really really excited about Kate moving in. Really. Bienvenidos, Kate.