19 October 2006

For the Record

I feel obligated to weigh in about last night's Project Runway finale.

I'm glad Jeffrey won.


I woke up this morning to an IM from my sister:
sister: Uli got robbed.

I have this bizarro habit of checking my email in the middle of the night if I've woken up to go to the bathroom or dislodge a sleeping cat from my numb legs. So, half-asleep at 6am, I read this and didn't think right away of our Teutonic Project Runway runner up. I have an aunt named Shulie, and I think that confused my sleepy head, and I spent a couple of moments thinking a family member had gotten mugged. But no, it just turns out that my sister has terrible taste. (So do my roommates. And everyone else who's written about the Project Runway finale.)

Here's the thing. Well, first, obligatory moment of silence for Michael's disastrous ghetto safari collection--

Okay. So Michael, crowd favorite up until the first stiletto hit the catwalk (And wow, could no one's models walk? Worst models I've ever seen.), obviously out. That leaves Laura, Uli, and Jeffrey. I thought the final two should have featured Laura rather than Uli - I really didn't love Uli's collection. The beige and silver were kinda gross, and even once the collection moved onto the prints fantasia, I wasn't wowed. Uli makes great individual dresses, but her collection was bleh. (Technical terminology here.)

And Laura. First, a moment for what a raging whore she was in the first part of the episode. "I never meant for Jeffery not to end up on that runway at Fashion Week. I'm happy to compete fairly against him." Riiiight. Earlier in the season someone said that Laura was the Wendy Pepper bitch of this season, but the producers decided not to edit that in. So her flashes of cuntiness often felt weird and sudden, and it often seemed like other contestants (you know, when Jeffrey said he wished she'd have a stroke) were being randomly mean, or so you would have thought without my insider information as to her edited-out provocation. A mean woman she was. A mean women with a very pretty collection (not a single plunging neckline??), but, like the judges said, not innovative or super-creative. Out!

And that leaves Jeffrey. Jeffrey whom I really hated for the first half of the season. Jeffrey who was horrible to Angela's mom. And Jeffrey who really grew on me the last few episodes. I think it really started with the couture dress that - my roommates' oppinions be damned - I totally loved. He also somehow got sweeter once Angela left. Not that his complete assholery was excusable just because Angela might have been annoying - he was really, really awful - but whatever. I started to like him. Even before we met his son, who looks JUST LIKE HIM. (Poor baby.) But anyway, this isn't a popularity contest (if it were about the nice designer winning, we'd have Malan, Allison, and that lesbiany snowboarder girl I liked so much the first couple episodes), so the collection--

Okay, yeah, some of it looked like weird tattered stripey fabric - not so much a "dress." But I liked the idea he was going for, and really loved that last green stripey dress. Maybe it's the little punk teenager I never was, forever repressed and fucking with my fashion sense, but I like Jeffrey's aesthetic. He also cried like a baby when Tim Gunn told him he wasn't disqualified, and men who can rock the punk look while being total pussies have a special place in my heart.

The internet's awash with the 'Uli got robbed!'s, so I'm here defending the punk asshole. And that last moment with Tim Gunn where it sort of sounded less like Jeffrey just won Project Runway and more like the two of them were going to Vermont to get gay married, was really really sweet. And gay. What more could a girl want?

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