24 October 2006

Look Over There!

Okay, yes, I'm not writing much. It's that first surge of fall inSANity, where I've got something every night - work, theatre, both - and it doesn't give me a lot of space to wander my mind into the sort of inanity I like to write about here. So, to keep you busy until I'm back to my normal state of such laziness that my mind forces itself to spin until I have to write, or want to, or feel I have the energy to, some outside reading, also known as crap I've read in the last few days that I thought was cool:

Wonkette: Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?

Curbed: Second Avenue Subway! I just have to stay in my tiny three-way-share apartment until I'm 35, and then it's going to be so amazing.

Broadway.com: Michael Stuhlbarg + Atlantic Theater = awesome.

An Oak Tree. You may remember me ranting about this before. Remeber? I said "cocktease" a lot? Well, everything's okay now, because the guest star list has been made public, and there are generous discount codes to be had ($15 tickets, despite what the thing says), and I will see you there November 4th. (Everything seemed very much not okay when I found out about this November 4th thing a mere few hours after buying tickets for that night to see The Fortune Teller at HERE. But then everything was okay again because, miracle of miracles, The Fortune Teller's at 7:00, and An Oak Tree's at 9:30. Someone was watching out for me. That someone could also get me a boyfriend, and I wouldn't complain.)

My hands are very cold. All this typing, moving quickly through the air, chills them. Happy winter.

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