19 October 2006

More Dirty Theatrical Cocktease Whores

From James Urbaniak's blog:

English theatre guy Tim Crouch is bringing his acclaimed two-person play "An Oak Tree" to New York. Mr. Crouch plays a hypnotist and a second actor plays his subject. The catch is that the second actor has never seen nor read the play before. (This character is therefore played by a different actor every night.)


I'll be the second actor at one performance. I know which one but I heard that they weren't announcing who was doing the show when. (Also signed on so far are Charles Busch, Reed Birney and F. Murray Abraham.) If I hear differently I'll tell you which show. Otherwise, New Yorkers are free to to play Urbaniak Roulette. It's sure to be a fascinating evening no matter whom you see.

First, I see "British actor [something] Crouch" and I think Julian Crouch of Shockheaded Peter and Spirit and the general circus of British theatre I want to run away to join, Improbable. But no, another British actor [something] Crouch, which is fine. But then! James Urbaniak is in a show, for one night, and can't say when. $45 roulette? For maybe-Urbaniak? Right. Am I supposed to go multiple times, till he, like, shows up? Two words for that: cock. tease. Bonus word: whore.

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