10 October 2006

News, Breaking and Otherwise

Hot off the interweb presses:

Tony Kushner Writing About The Homos Again!

The master himself, via Playbill.com:

I'm also working on a big, new gay play. It’s been a long time since I’ve written about gay issues. I guess I feel that corners have been turned for me personally and also for the [gay] community and we’re in a different, though unfortunately, not improved era.
Word up. TK, Oskar, if you need any help with this one, call me. Also, very pleased that I have a new favorite Tony Kushner publicity shot. The coy headshot, though beloved, it starting to look old. And yes, I'm a connoisseur of Tony Kushner headshots.

In other news, this was a weekend of much shopping and much audiencing. In terms of shopping - probably seven hours over two days. Goal: running shoes, jeans, jacket, hopefully with use of $25-off-a-purchase-of$50 at Ann Taylor Loft. Resuts: shirt, sweater, pants, casual sneakers, no use of that coupon. (Want it? Lemme know.) Bonus: Witnessed the mayhem at Macy*s yesterday. Un-Bonus: I didn't care. And fucking gawking tourists need to learn to walk or at least stare from the edges of the sidewalk. And, advice: Never expect anyone in the Herald Square Lady Footlocker to know a damned thing about running shoes.

And then the plays. And movies! And catching up on "The Office"! I've finally gotten over the I-sorta-kinda-knew-John-Krasinski-in-college thing and can just love him on the show, without freaking out that this is the guy I read with in callbacks for School for Scandal.* (Printing up that t-shirt right after "Sarah Ruhl was my freshman year playwriting teacher.) His parking lot scene from last season's finale is one of the best moments I've ever seen on TV.

Also this weekend: Shortbus, Hell House, Science of Sleep, and some small shows of varying quality.

If you really want to fuck with your mind, or actually not fuck with your mind at all but have an evening of amusing juxtaposition, see Shortbus and Hell House back-to-back. It's not actually a mind-fuck because while nominally they're an art movie full of explicit real sex and a faithful recreation of a "scared-straight parade of theological horrors put on by evangelical Christians," neither is that simple. In the case of Hell House, it's just that as much as Les Freres says that it's faithful and unironic, that's simply not the case (especially not in the hoedown room, with its dorky clean-cut Christian extras). And Shortbus is as much about how sex is complicated and fraught as it is about how sex is great and everyone should have more. Although a buffer of LES crepes was probably a very good thing, they actually made for a great evening together. Shortbus is a complicated, beautiful movie (and very skilfully sets things up so that after the first ten minutes you're past the whoa! penis! and just watching the movie). And Hell House is a lot of fun. I think we laughed the whole time through. God bless those actors doing the most histrionic roles for ten tours a night. (For those of you who might be total haunted house pussies, although there is blood and gore, nothing jumps out at you, which was my main concern.)

Last night we wrapped things up last night with The Science of Sleep. (It was supposed to be a Gabe show at Rockwood, but all that Christian rocking in the hoedown room's got Gabe on vocal rest.) A more straightforward story than the trailers would have you think, but still lovely and whimsical and sad. Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal is... I don't know the word, but I think I started salivating trying to come up with it. Charlotte Gainsbourg is beautiful, and the whole thing has me back at trying to learn French.

I'm seeing Eurydice at Yale Rep on Saturday. I got comps through work three days before Charles Isherwood, in James' words, made love to her softly but firmly in the Times. You can start being jealous now.

*Yeah, follow that link. He got cast. I didn't.

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