18 October 2006

Sad Clowns

Sad news - Slava's Snowshow is closing. But not until January 7, so you've got plenty of time to get over there (or to TDF) and buy some tickets to see this show.

I saw it two summers ago (actually, twice that summer, since I had to go back with Allison, knowing she'd love it so much). That was well before I was regularly spewing here about every time I set foot in a theatre, so a little background on why you should lay out the cash (yes, it's paid-ticket good): Okay, it's clowns. But it's also one of the most beautiful, moving, exhilarating pieces of stage art I've ever seen. Clowns to Europe is not clowns to America, not birthday parties and big goofy shoes. Well, okay, the big shoes are still there, but there's an elegance and sophistication to this piece that Broadway plays would be grateful for.

I've heard it analogied thus: Slava's Snowshow is to clowning what Cirque du Soleil is to circus. Only having ever encountered Cirque du Soleil in Bravo telecasts, I think Snowshow is better. Less a catalogue of tricks, more a coherent piece. The imagery is stunning, the performers are breathtakingly skilled, and it's a brilliant piece of theatre. I could list a dozen adjectives here, but really, go see it. I don't know if the original Russian cast is still around, but it doesn't really matter - the first time I went I caught Slava Polunin, this being his Snowshow, in the main role, but the not-Slava I saw with Allison is just as brilliant.

In closing, a confluence of two of my favorite things ever:

Snowshow meets Gateshow

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