30 October 2006

Weekend Adventures that Do Not Include Burning the Apartment Down

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From: Jaime
To: James, Kate

The oven is off!

Last night, Kate cooked us all a ridiculously amazing three course dinner. Left over from our quiche phase, there's been a single pie crust taunting us from the freezer for at least a year. Homemaker Kate decided to take it up on its challenge, and bake the crap out of it. And when she reasoned that she couldn't bake us a pie without also making us dinner, I wasn't about to stop her. Pasta with marsala sauce, acorn squash drowned in brown sugar, and this apple pudding pie that, many years from now, I might remember as a life-changing experience.

The baking was a small adventure, though, because our oven decided to cross the line from finicky to trying to kill us and ruin our food. The dial's always been a little wonky - "off" isn't really off, really off is between "off" and "broil" - but the dial's worked itself loose to the point of "Is the oven off? I don't know." Short term solution: bake the pie in the toaster oven. Less-short term solution: After a how-did-we-not-burn-our-apartment-down-in-the-night decision to wait to call the super til morning, we somehow survived the night, and got it fixed this morning. Livin on the edge, we are.

Also this weekend:

New favorite vegatarian restaurant in my neighborhood - Good Health, 1st ave between 74th and 75th. Okay, nothing will actually replace Candle 79, but this place is, I think, literally half as expensive. And has brunch. Delicious, delicious brunch. I had multigrain pumpkin belgian waffles. My mom had a black bean burger that was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Everything was about $8. Whereas Candle 79 is expensive enough that I get to go exactly one parent-sponsored time a year. (And don't think I haven't been looking forward to my birthday for the last five months for just that reason.)

Lisa Yuskavage @ David Zwirner, 19th St and the freaking river. Speaking of my birthday, if you don't want to take me to Candle 79, feel free to buy me one of these. Gorgeous, gorgeous show. I'm so not educated enough to write critically about art, so I won't even try, but these are gorgeous paintings, and the internet pictures hardly do them justice. Definitely worth the trek across the island in the crazy weekend wind.

Saturday night in Brooklyn: an hour and ten minutes to get home.

And because I don't know how to have these pictures and not put them on the internet, the weekend also included about two hours of this, starring Meg and Kate's thighs:

And this:

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