30 November 2006


There are many ways to make a month fly by - its having 30 days probably doesn't hurt - and I've learned that daily blogging might be one of them. Today's the last day of National Blog Posting Month, or Blopping, as it's called at Laid-Off Dad, the only one of my regular reads also participating.

Never one to turn down a pointless, self-imposed challenge (I wonder if I can be a vegetarian, she thought. Nine years later...) I stepped up, or took the bait, whichever way you want to look at it. It wasn't always easy - I learned early into the thing not to count on getting home before midnight - but it was rarely hard. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I wasn't too hard-pressed for material - the whole point of this blog, or at least its inspiration, is that I have a lot of random crap to say (and not all of that should be spewed at my roommates).

This is probably the most structured writing practice I've ever committed to. Even the semester I wrote my thesis, I was still mostly at the mercy of inspiration (which I'd accompany, if I were speaking this, with a booga-booga spooky intonation, and ominous, ghosty wiggling of the fingers). This month, though, I just wrote. My goals were different, less lofty (oh, the college senior with lofty aspirations for her short story writing) but I got something down, and out to the mysterious out there every day. My very own 365 project. In miniature, and not being performed anywhere. 30 Days/30 Blog Posts. I'll be here waiting for The Public to call.

LOD nicely captured the "lots of good coming from the exercise" half way through the month. In a way, I'm going to miss it - just like I'm basically too stubborn to start eating meat, my first non-blogging day is going to feel weird. (At least it won't feel like murder.) And it'll probably be tomorrow, as that's day 2 of the jury duty, but not likely to be day 2 of the sent home at 10:30am from jury duty. Yay civic duty!

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