05 November 2006

Because Everyone Else is Doing It

Sunday Random Ten (Plus 3), In Which I Am Made To Seem To Only Like Seven Bands
(I did this mostly out of curiosity, but when it's this embarrasingly narrow, and emo, and twee, and my ipod ne comprends pas le "shuffle," how can I not share? Must make self look lame.)

The Decemberists: California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade [nice way to end the weekend, come full circle, no?]
Great Big Sea [ah, we have a nautical theme]: French Shore
Belle & Sebastian: Asleep on a Sunbeam
Joni Mitchell: Trouble Child
Great Big Sea [again?]: Lucky Me
Belle & Sebastian [another repeat? do old ipods not know how to shuffle?]: Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie
Suicide Machines: New Girl [well at least now i don't look like a total pussy.]
Guster: Come Downstairs and Say Hello [oh come on. i don't even like this song.]
Susan Werner [respectable. good to have at least one bit of grown-up music here, since everyone's obviously judging me from these songs.]: No One Needs to Know
Suicide Machines: Our Time [my ipod's obviously about to die, and its ability to actually shuffle is just the first thing to go. well, fun while it lasted.]

Death-Throws Bonus 3 [in the hopes of redeeming that truly awful attempt at representative randomness]:
Death Cab for Cutie: Two Cars [because i wasn't already enough of a slightly depressive 16-year-old girl?]
Guster [$@&%!?? i really do have more bands than this.]: Great Escape
Nerissa & Katrina Nields: Tailspin


M. Alice said...


1. "Somebody Told Me", Killers
2. "Only, NIN
3. "Missing Link", Dinosaur Jr/Del the Funky Homosapien
4. "Jacqueline", Franz Ferdinand
5. "Surprise, Surprise", John Lennon
6. "Burn Away", Foo Fighters
7. "She's Hearing Voices", Bloc Party
8. "Boys on the Radio", Hole
9. "92F", Pop Will Eat Itself
10. "Sleep Now in the Fire", Rage Against the Machine


A. "Cell 63", Danny Elfman "Forbidden Zone" Soundtrack

B. "Tourniquet", Marilyn Manson

C. "Morning Has Broken", Cat Stevens

Jaime said...

Fuck. So much more badass than me. And no repeats.