08 November 2006

Breaking News. Breaking. Running America = Rodeo.

I'm listening to Bush's press conference right now. As overdue as Rumsfeld's resignation is, anyone else think it's completely retarded for it to come the day after the election? Maybe this is naivete on my part, but doesn't it look bad for the White House? 'We lost the election! Abort! Run away!' If last night had gone otherwise, or been less dramatic, this wouldn't be happening right now, right? "Fresh perspective," right. They're obviously just trying to do something before the new Democrats can, and maybe I've watched too much "The West Wing," but this just seems like the wrong way to do it.

1:13: Someone's just asked about the timing, and how much it has to do with the election results. Seems a week ago a couple of reporters were hanging out with Bush and asked if Cheney and Rumsfeld were going anywhere. Bush said they wree staying on. Now he lets us know he lied about that because he didn't want to inject that information into the campaign, and because he hadn't yet met with Rumsfeld's prospective replacement. So he, uh, lied, to get the reporters onto the next question. [And my phone just rang and I missed part of the answer. Or maybe we're onto a new answer.] Prime presidential quote: "Actually, I thought we were gonna do fine yesterday. Hehe. Shows what I know."

1:17: My streaming audio just got interrupted for a second, and it really sounded like a censorship tone. "Well, Cheney said [beeeeeeeeep]." I'm sad there wasn't actually cussing.

I'm also sad for many other reasons.

1:19: As Wonkette points out, he keeps saying Congresswoman Pelosi. It's Speakerwoman Pelosi. Get used to it.

1:20: Okay, so Cheney's not going anywhere, even though he and Rumsfeld share a brain. Unless Bush is just lying about it again.

1:22: Oh my god. He actually just said, "This isn't my first rodeo."

Okay, 25 minutes of listening to the radio at work is probably pushing it. I also don't want to throw myself out a window. We're only on the second floor - I would just be mangled and maimed. This is supposed to be a happy day. I don't often listen to entire press conferences. Now I know why.


Rocco said...

Nice wrap up. I always forget to check out Wonkette on these days of major national news.

Anonymous said...

She's not Speaker until January.