02 November 2006

Celebrity Row

Three-hour reading.

[Apologies for the seemingly glib post. Three-hour readings are, in general, fine. This one just happened to start at 8:30, which meant that even with the 6 coming as I was making my way down the stairs, I got home at 11:57. Which normally would have been annoying, but fine. But this is November, and I hadn't written anything here all day. So I had two minutes. And wasn't sure if the Blogger clock runs fast. And seriously. Three-hour reading. (12:36 AM, 11/3/06)]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i was there.

not just a 3 hour reading.

a 3 hour reading which was not all that intellectually or theatrically interesting.

i previously saw a short piece of his that i loved. this, however, majorly blew.

i felt like i should have been paid.