22 November 2006

Erev Thanksgiving

I don't know if I will actually be setting an alarm for 9am (Parade Start Time), but with the giant, curtainless windows in the computer room I call home when I'm at my mom's, it's doubtful I'll sleep much past that. Tomorrow morning, while some of the crazies are up at seven to run (or not, due to rain) the five-mile Turkey Trot (crazies!), I will be baking pie and watching the parade. And the National Dog Show. As the dog show ends exactly when the guests are supposed to come, I will have to tear myself away from the proceedings for a shower, a bit of timing that's still got me mad at my mom.

My discovery of the post-parade dog show in the last couple of years has only heightened my love for this holy day. When I was little there were several dad-sanctioned trips to watch the parade. (We knew I'd outgrown that when, around twelve, I cut out early - too rainy and cold - and read a newspaper in a Starbucks until my dad and sister, after the parade, came to fetch me.) In my old age I've come to appreciate the televised version, as it's become more about bad lip-synching to Broadway numbers and less about balloons and clowns. (But what great balloons and clowns they were.) I'm considering liveblogging the whole shebang tomorrow - this either piques your interest or completely horrifies you. We'll see what happens, and how involved the pie-making process becomes.

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