05 November 2006

My Kind of Crazy Saturday Night

A totally bizarre theatrical double-header: The Fortune Teller, a Victorian-grotesque marionette show at HERE Arts Center, and An Oak Tree, a post-modern play about theatre, performance, and loss, featuring James Urbaniak, who's got something of the Victorian/creepy about him, too. Both were fantastic, and you should go see them. The double-header (Fortune Teller at 7, An Oak Tree at 9:30 on Saturday nights) is actually not a bad way.

To continue with the bizarro pairings, off to see Borat and then The Coast of Utopia. When I'm not a little shaky from the gym and the marathon isn't still blaring out my window - it's the one day of the year my apartment feels like prime real estate - I'll write a little more on last night's shows, and I'll probably have plenty to say about what I'm seeing tonight.

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