16 November 2006

Planning Your Weekend For You

Reading of Mike Batistick's play Tempo, the last reading of Partial Comfort Productions' Welcome Mat Series. Free. 9pm at The Studio Theatre, Theatre Row.

Do whatever the heck you like. I'll be up at Yale seeing The Mistakes Madeline Made and eating vegetarian food (and not having any meetings, because folks up there are busy - I'm still allowed to take the trip, but not to expense lunch), and then celebrating some birthdays (not at Yale).

Gabe Kahane at Joe's Pub. (Steve Smith, of the Times and Time Out, wrote some very nice things about Gabe's recent show at Tonic here.) I'm also going to the Museum of Natural History on Sunday, which I'm very excited about. Feel free to do that, too.

Readings of Lila Rose Kaplan's Biography of a Constellation and The Doorman Play at The Culture Project (45 Bleecker). An informal evening (and free), the readings should start around 7:30, and each piece is about an hour.

(Also this weekend, and I'm very frustrated I can't go - Catching Flight by Lila Rose with In the Floodplain by Jacob Appel at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Friday at 7, Saturday at 9, and Sunday at 3. www.manhattanrep.com.)

I wouldn't say Lila Rose and Mike Batistick are the most disparate writers one could bookend a weekend with, but it's not too bad. Gives me a sense of variety and well-roundedness, even though all I do is see plays.


John said...

Dar Williams is coming to Joe's Pub in a bit too...
Enjoy Gabe, I may come into town for him as well. Very curious as to what he presents.

Jaime said...

Thanks for the Dar info. I don't know the other folks in that concert, so I may skip it, but in looking at other stuff I saw she's doing a New Year's Eve concert in Northampton, which is very tempting.