21 November 2006

Suggested Reading

Two very different but very worthwhile stories from today's Times:

A Downtown Theater Company Is Moving Even Farther South
. Isaac scooped this yesterday - contrary to the rumors of the Culture Project's impending demise, it's actually just moving to a cheaper space. Much to my dismay, no word on the future of 45 Bleecker. I've never seen the upstairs theatre, but 45 Below might be my favorite theatrical space in the city, and I'm sad not to have had the chance to produce a show there.

The Best Science Show on Television? (Yes.) If, like me, you're a long-time fan of "Mythbusters," a very interesting article. If you've never seen the show, hopefully this will get you to start. I'm definitely in the camp of people who think the show is a great science-teaching tool, no matter what the Jamie and Adam say. It is some prime scientific method, with enough explosions and cool stuff to make it so you don't notice. (Unless you're a really big dork, and the really thorough scientific method stuff makes you enjoy it even more. Can't imagine who those people would be. Freaks.)

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