24 November 2006

Theatre for Lazy People, blogged by a lazy person

In today's Times, an article on The Coast of Utopia says (as its main point): "If ever a play required a reading list, “The Coast of Utopia” is it."

First of all, no play should require a reading list.

Second of all, it's insulting to Stoppard and everyone working on these plays to say that what they're doing can't be understood without homework.


a reader said...

Hell-o! Well put.

parabasis said...

Or maybe it's an accurate assessment of the production/play. In other words, perhaps the insult is true. I havent' seen it, but a lot of (smart, well read) people I know have found that play nigh-incomprehensible.

PS: not to plug, but head on over to Parabasis for coverage of this weekend's truly ridiculous times profile of stoppard.

Jaime said...

I saw it, and I really think it works without background reading. At least for part one, it's a play about philosophers, not a play about philosophy. You don't need to understand each idea they spout to get the play. You'll never catch every tiny nuance, but if you just go with the play, it works beautifully, and you don't have to give yourself a migraine to get a lot out of it.