26 November 2006

Two Sad Things, Or Possibly Not

I have a new phone. It has a camera. If you want it to, it will make a ka-chhh shutter noise when it takes a picture, so you know it's taken a picture.

What my phone will not seem to do is show an assigned picture when a particular caller calls. When I call James, a very retarded picture of my cat comes up. So I took a very unflattering picture of his cat, and assigned it to his phone book entry. This picture of James' fat cat doesn't come up when he calls me, but does appear when I call him. Which is completely useless, unless you're getting really drunk and getting strangers' phone numbers, so you could take pictures of them and assign the pictures to their phone numbers, so that when you called them the next day (or a few days later, if you're playing it cool) you could have a picture to remind you who the hell they are. Since you were too drunk to remember. (But if they call you first, no helpful picture will come up.) I'm only speculating here, since the last time I got drunk and hazily picked up several guys' numbers... let's just say it's not the most useful function my phone could have. (That is so sad.)

I also seem to not be able to email phone-taken pictures, nor have I figured out another way to get pictures from the phone to the computer. (Also sad. But probably not as much.) Though if anyone wants me to send to their phone pictures of a fat or retarded cat, I'm happy to oblige

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