19 November 2006

Yes, He Was Oldish, and No, He Was Not Cute. Otherwise This All Might Have Been Different.

Tonight, at the bar (getting change) at Joe's Pub, a man turned to me, martini in hand, and said, I think of the show that had just finished, "Well, that was epicurean." I, never one to admit to not knowing an obscure word, but knowing no meaning for this word other than that it's related to "epicurious," as in the recipe website, said, "How so?" And he said, "Isn't it obvious?" (It was also very loud, somehow, and dark, so I was generally confused.) But before I could answer, Amanda was there with my coat and sweater, and when I turned back, the guy was on his cell phone.

"Dude, there's a chick here who doesn't know what 'epicurean' means."

Yeah, and see how far it got you, Mr. Fancy Wordspants.

NaBloPoMo has turned me into this freak Cinderella - "I have to get home before midnight to blog." - where my hand-me-down Dell is my pumpkin, but I don't think this analogy provides for a prince.

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Jeremy said...

What a tool. There are multiple meanings of epicurean, depending on whether you mean Epicurean or epicurean, and they aren't really synonymous, so following up that statement, with "isn't it obvious" is such a lame-ass thing to do.