06 November 2006

What to do with your Tuesday

Gabriel Kahane premieres his Craigslistlieder (an art song cycle of settings of real life Craigslist postings) and plays some other songs (also his) at Tonic tomorrow night. I checked, and there's nothing good on TV, except maybe the NY1 re-airing of the Village Halloween Parade. But still, Gabe's better.

[Necessary disclaimer: Gabe and I went to college together. I asm'd a musical he co-wrote. James, who stage managed said musical, and is my roommate and partner in what is perhaps the world's only one-sided codependent relationship, is Gabe's manager. But this shilling is entirely voluntary, cause seriously, I wouldn't mention it if it wasn't (weren't?) great. So there's your full disclosure. And James and I aren't really one-half codependent. We're just... special. (Help.)]

Gabe writes beautiful songs and plays them very beautifully on the piano. I know more about words than music, and his words are very beautiful, but in case this is the sort of thing you understand, he's got a twelve-tone pop song. Which, they tell me, is daring and cool. (And maybe also pretentious, but in the good way?) I enjoy it, but I'll have to take James' word for the technical stuff, as I only passed my music theory class because I basically started crying in my final practical and Arlene took pity. But it's a great song. They all are. Gabe's also playing Joe's Pub later in the month, but that's twelve dollars, and tomorrow night's only eight, so get in on the ground floor. Or something. Have a listen:


And in case "twelve-tone pop song" isn't something you understand, his "about me" section on MySpace is written as "Gabriel Kahane interviews Gabriel Kahane homage à Glenn Gould," which sounds scary, until you get to the Borat impression and the bit about The O.C. So there's Gabe.

(Speaking of Borat, love sonnets to Sacha Baron Cohen [and speculation about the black censorship bar], plus thoughts on the movie, thoughts on Coast of Utopia, and maybe those promised additional thoughts on The Fortune Teller and An Oak Tree, all coming later today. Or tomorrow. If you need to know now-- yes, see them all. Maybe just not in one weekend. I knew I'd over-extended when I was trying to remember when the running of the giant evil Jew puppets came into play in the Stoppard.)

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