25 December 2006

"And then, at the end of the play, he EATS her."*

Hi, from my mom's house in the country. 30 minutes from my apartment, and it's woods everywhere, and, any other time of year, deer and wild turkeys. I'm coming down with some sort of cold thing, which is fine, since as a non-Christmaser, all I have to do the next few days is drink lots of tea and watch tv & movies. And speaking of such, it's becoming an Ashlie Atkinson Christmas - Saturday night I made like a good Netflixer and watched Inside Man, which was actually pretty good, even though Clive Owen wore a mask for most of the thing. Aside from all the good movie-ness, there was the fun of seeing Ashlie Atkinson in a big movie. And then, just now, watching "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV, I saw this:

Which is kinda weird, but hey, rock on.

*My imagined ending of Fat Pig, before I'd become intimately acquainted with the Neil LaBute canon. Okay, still my dream ending of a LaBute play.


Johnny said...

2 things:

1) Did we come up with that ending together while at Gage? I always refer to it.

2) Have you seen Another Gay Movie? You must. It is GROSS - and Ashlie is amazing as the bull dyke.

3) Bravo is having a contest where you can pick any of the top chefs to come to your house and cook dinner for 8 . And I have this image of you, me, Zack, James, Ryan, Lamont, Christina and...umm...entertaining person #8 gatherd round the table at my parents beach house...and Marcel cooking for us. And then I smile.

4) Oh my god have you seen his "I have immunity" DANCE? Marcel just danced. I'm done.

parabasis said...


Inside Man... hmmm... boy, universally good acting can really save a bad movie, can't it? Just gimme more Chiwetel Egiofor! (he should be in everything... they should, like, digitally add him into classic movies like Casablanca and Citizen Kane and Ben Hur).

Jaime said...

John - 1, yes; 2, not yet; 3, I'm getting a little worried - you, with your Christmas to celebrate, are not supposed to be this dangerously bored; 4, yes.

Isaac - I actually liked the movie. Same part of me that loves Alias, I guess. Though Alias is a bajillion times better. And Chiwetel Egiofor is, indeed, awesome.