12 December 2006

Feeling Lucky And Awash In Existential Dread (Google, Not Me)

I like to think it's in celebration of me that Google, today, looks like this:

Why yes, Google, I am feeling lucky. A little luckier, now, thanks to you. Even though I know the real reason this is up there is that today is the birthday of one Edvard Munch, who easily beats out Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Sr. for Favorite Famous Person With Whom I Share a Birthday. (Also on this date: Slavs! opens at NYTW.)

When I was in middle school, I loooved The Scream. I even had this. Yeah, I know. But anyway. It was only after this mysterious fixation that I discovered Edvard Munch and I share a birthday! So when Google dresses up for his birthday, they're dressing up in one of my favorite paintings! For my birthday! Thanks, Google. This is almost as much fun as the Olympics.


* * *

My birthday card from my grandparents came yesterday, and I was a total rebel and didn't even wait till midnight to open it. Dearest Jaime blah blah blah wishing you a wonderful year, continued success, blah blah meaningful relationships blah bla-- what? Apparently I'm officially old enough for my birthday cards to come with thinly veiled hints about my ticking biological clock. Last summer my grandmother said, "You know, we're going to die soon. You need to get married and have some babies." Or something to that effect, and surprisingly close to those exact words. It's a good thing, too, because until she reminded me that I don't have a boyfriend, I wasn't really thinking about it. But now that I know she wants me to have one, I'll get off my ass and date all these wonderful straight guys who are banging down my door. I just needed the push. Awesome. Thanks.

A message from my father this morning that basically amounted to: "It's your birthday, and this makes me feel old. Gosh, how old I feel."

I may go for my free Ben & Jerry's birthday sorbet, but what I really miss is the free Meeting Street Cookie (they are the size of your head) from college. Only four of those in a lifetime? Completely unfair.

* * *

Not quite birthday related, but the anniversary of my birth is also the anniversary of my mom going for a "sporty" name with an "interesting" ("French") spelling. And as a Jaime Alyse, this made me very happy. I didn't realize how good I've got it. (But I should get some credit for the fact that not only did my mother spell my name the "weird" way, but she gave me a name that RHYMES WITH HER OWN. You try being at a family gathering and figuring out if people are saying 'Jaime' or 'Janey.' As much as I love the name, I will not name a daughter Aimee. And I'd be spelling it wrong, too. So no. The cycle of violence ends here. Though Pterrance is definitely tempting.)

* * *

One block away from my office is a theatre where two of my good friends are interns. Across the street from my office, in the other direction, is a Ben & Jerry's. When you're a lactard and a Jew, this is how you celebrate. With free sorbet. Earlier, via IM:

Adoring Friend: Happy Birthday!
Birthday Girl: thanks!
Birthday Girl: would you be able to sneak away from work to share a ben & jerry's birthday sorbet with me this afternoon?
Adoring Friend: umm yes i think so
Adoring Friend: a quick sorbet never hurt anyone
Birthday Girl: they still do the free cone, right?
Adoring Friend: oooh
Adoring Friend: yes?
Adoring Friend: i think so
Birthday Girl: i hope so.
[They don't.]
Adoring Friend: what time?
Birthday Girl: maybe in an hour or so?
Birthday Girl: i suspect i'm getting some sort of cake thing here, but i don't know when.
Adoring Friend: sounds good
Adoring Friend: haha ok
Adoring Friend: well when you've figured that out
Adoring Friend: [apparently less adoring friend who works there] is in too :-)
Birthday Girl: only people who've wished me a happy birthday are invited.
Adoring Friend: ha
Birthday Girl: i'm serious.
Adoring Friend: this is [a.l.a.f.w.w.t.] we're talking about
Birthday Girl: [a.l.a.f.w.w.t.] knows it's my birthday. how badly does he want sorbet?

* * *

Hi mom, it's me. I just want you to know, when I come to dinner, I'm going to have flowers with me, but they're from my friend John, and he's gay. [She's been confused on this point before.] We talked earlier today, and he forgot to wish me a happy birthday, so he brought me some flowers, cause he felt bad. So I just wanted to warn you, I'll be coming with flowers - I'm not stopping home before dinner - but they're from a homosexual. Love you. See you in a bit.


Rocco said...

I clicked on that link thinking, "please god, say its not the blow-up scream doll". Bygones.

happy birthday.

Jaime said...

And you know what? I wish I still had it now. (What were we saying about me still being single?)

Adam said...

happy birthday yesterday.