04 December 2006

Good Things About High Fidelity

(An unintentional top four.)

1. Christian Anderson (bonus: in pigtails!). I never thought anyone could take over for Rick Lyon in Avenue Q, but now I really wish I'd seen Christian play the part(s). He's adorable and very good and made me very, very happy.

2. The bed! Sets are magic.

3. Matt Caplan in a mohawk. When all else fails, watch him in the background stealing records.

4. This lyric (coincidentally sung by Christian):

I’ve got a .0000000000001% chance of success
About one in a trillion, I’d guess
I’m approaching infinity and happiness

See that? Calculus joke. Maybe I'm a special demographic, but that made my day.

So that's two dorky boys, one cardiganned and awkward, one mohawked and goofy, and a math joke. I'll leave it at that.


Adam said...

I had a good time. I thought the Rob character could have been a bit more likable early on. But damn, DLA is fucking funny, isn't he? and like you said, a fantastic cast.

John Michael said...

also: Matt Caplan in a tank top.