26 December 2006

Another Op'nin, Another Disappointment

So I'm all, "Maybe it's not so awful, being knocked out with a cold at the start of a week off from work." I might feel better tomorrow, my roommates will be back, the one cat's been insane all day so he'll be totally sleeping through the night, and the rest of the night's not looking so interminable because, hey, Kiss Me Kate is on Great Performances. I set it to record, watch a couple minutes of "Scrubs," and then flip back to channel 13. The show's just starting, and they run some credits over the first few moments of the show. "Kiss Me Kate." "Brent Barrett." Um, excuse me? That is not how you spell Brian Stokes Mitchell. And then - "Rachel York." Ugh. And now I remember why last time this was on, I just flipped back for the Michael Beresse songs, as he's the only one of the original revival foursome still in this cast.

Being sick really fucking sucks.

[I just went back into the living room, and the woman singing "Another Op'nin Another Sh'ow" was yelling. It hurt. I wish this were Crazy for You. That is a Great Performances I can enjoy. Hell, even 40 Jean Valjeans over this. Oh well. Back to "Scrubs."]

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