19 December 2006

On How To Get People To Make Out

I've recently started reading Apartment Therapy - like my subscription to Domino, it makes for great when I have any money for my apartment daydreaming. They're in the midst of a wonderful series on Party Architecture (partitechture?), and if you ever throw parties (if, say, you have an apartment that can hold more than six people), it's a must-read.

Today's post is on lighting, which I think is the most important point. (Other chapters: density, structure, and coming next, flow.) I don't care if a party's a little crowded, or oddly set-up, but a poorly-lit (which means too well-lit) party is the kiss of death. I can't exactly email the article to the people I know need it - I'm resigned to walking around their apartment at parties and shutting off lamps - but I think it's a good read for everyone.

I've learned two lessons in my (abruptly terminated by moving from a spacious college apartment to New York) party-throwing history. One, don't serve candy corn. I don't care if it's Halloween, and I don't care how tasty they are. You will be scraping it off the kitchen floor with a butter knife for the better part of the next day. And two, keep things dark. People go to parties for approximately one reason: to meet people to make out with. Everyone looks hotter in the dark, and it's really hard to make out with a stranger under a klieg light.

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