28 December 2006

Top Thirteen!

You know what sucks? Even if you medicate the shit out of yourself (and Afrin is really magical stuff) so that your nose is NEVER stuffy, you will still wake up on the third day of your cold with a cough. Hi, good morning, how are you?

In other news, it's the end of the year. Yay! And there was a lot of theatre this year. Yay! And I have a top ten (plus a few) list for you. Ideally, since this is NOT just a theatre blog (she keeps telling herself) there would also be a top ten (or so) books list, and a top ten movies list, too. (Did I even see ten movies this year?) But, and I've been realizing this is a problem for a little while now, I don't keep track of the books and movies I read and see nearly as well as the theatre. (Or the music I listen to, but a list that's like "Spring Awakening, five Decemberists albums" would be just too embarrassing.) I don't blog about each and every one, and, especially for books, there are no other people's lists to jog my memory with, since most of the books I read this year weren't published this year. I'm planning on remedying this, at least for books, because I actually care about remembering what books I've read. That may be a new ghetto-tastic blog feature in the next couple of weeks. As soon as I start reading a book again. (This Beowulf thing is a little stalled. And I've got a pile of scripts waiting for me as soon as I'm "not sick.")

But anyway, back to the theatre. Yay! (Anyone see Gutenberg? Gutenberg! It's not on the list, but it's in my heart. Wow. Still on cold medicine. Yay!) This list isn't ranked, except alphabetically. It isn't limited to New York, because two of the best shows I saw were not in New York. Lucky for you, though, one (the play, if not the production) was in New York previously, and the other will be here in May. Here Arts Center gets special mention for being... well, awesome. Good, fun, daring work there. You're all very lucky that I came up with this list before I started medicating. And now, as there's been positively too much ado already:

Jaime's Top Ten Plays of 2006
The Coast of Utopia (Voyage & Shipwreck, though part 1 especially)
Eurydice (at Yale Rep)
The Fortune Teller (at Here Arts)
The History Boys
The Little Dog Laughed
Measure for Pleasure (which I guess I didn't write about here but was freaking wonderful)
The Mistakes Madeline Made (also at Yale)
No Child... (continuing my mad respect for Barrow Street's producing and Hal Brooks' directing)
Spring Awakening (at the Atlantic and on Broadway - the show improved in the transfer, but nothing could have been more perfect than the Off Broadway space and set)
[title of show]

also very good:
Orange Lemon Egg Canary
Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven (also at Here)

Not a bad year. I'm a little surprised there aren't more musicals... which is maybe weird to be surprised about? Drowsy Chaperone is just one tier down from this list... but I think that's just me missing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels again. I'd say it's notable that there are no revivals on this list, but I don't think I actually saw any this year. (Though I'm probably wrong about that - oh, right, The Voysey Inheritance, blech - and in other years, if I had made lists, there might have been revivals on them.) But still, yay for new plays! And new musicals. And puppets. I really love puppets.

Okay, I'm whacked out on cold medicine, and on being sick, and Kate and I are plowing through season 5 of Alias this week, so I've apparently got more important things to do than go back and make this make any sense.

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