05 January 2007

Breaking News that Doesn't Mean Anything

According to Playbill.com, "The producers of Slava's Snowshow announced that they are seeking a Broadway house for a late 2007 run of the unique internationally embraced clown show."

I'm just sorta sitting here with my eyebrows up. On the one hand, this show is one of the most brilliant, exciting, powerful pieces of stage art I've ever seen. On the other hand... really? Wow. That's balls, is what that is. (No pun to the picture.) But if they think they can do it, rock on.

But just in case they don't, make sure you see it Off Broadway before it closes January 14th. I'm going for one last (or maybe not last) time on Monday. (And, ooh: "Slava Polunin himself will be performing for select shows in New York during the week of Jan. 8-14." I saw Polunin the first time I saw the show, and he's, like everything about the piece, fucking genius.)

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