12 January 2007


From today's Times: "Neil Pepe, the artistic director of the Atlantic Theater Company, temporarily stepped into the role of Hugh in The Voysey Inheritance." Read on.


Anonymous said...

neil pepe's actually a pretty fine actor. he was in a lot of plays at the atlantic back in the mid-late 90's when he first became artistic director there and the theater was transitioning from a small member-driven company to prominent off-broadway house.

most notably, he more than held his own with giancarlo esposito and anthony rapp in a very dark, gritty 3-character edwin sanchez play called trafficking in broken hearts. was also great in quincy long's joy of going somewhere definite.

anyway, he's turned out to be quite a successful producer/artistic director, so good on him, but he was and hopefully still is a very exciting performer to watch. of the macy/huffman/larry bryggman (atlantic acting company members) caliber.

I like this story.

Anonymous said...

me again.

to clarify: I don't mean I like that todd weeks' father died, rather that neil so gamely saved the day. it's a testament to how he is as an artistic director.

Jaime said...

I also should clarify that I didn't mean crazy in a bad way, like 'what's wrong with those nutcases', but crazy as in 'wow.' And damn lucky - I know plenty of ADs who are not worse than Neil, not lacking any of his passion or commitment, but who just are not actors. Very lucky that he could step in. And probably be pretty good at it, too. (Part of Atlantic's many-hats thing, I suppose, too.)

Rocco said...

Nice tag there.

Not un-noticed.

Moxie said...

SO COOL. I love that he played guitar for a couple Spring Awakening perfs, too! I nominate Neil Pepe for hottest off-broadway artistic director.

Jaime said...

Interesting proposal, Moxie. I've never met him, but a quick internet search makes him a definite candidate. [Quick mental inventory of off Broadway ADs...] Of the ones I know, quite possibly, yeah. Hottest and, it seems, most versatile.