03 January 2007

Don't Be Afraid of Puppies

Thanks and mad props to Ms. Moxie for bringing my attention to this excellent article in the Village Voice in which they asked theatre folks for their resolutions for 2007, for themselves and Off-Broadway. (You ever have a morning where you've had guests in your teeny apartment for the last five nights, and have stayed up way too late playing entirely too much Mario Kart, and forming coherent sentences is completely impossible? No? Okay.) The whole article is great and worth a read but, like Moxie, I have to single out David Herskovits:

The resolution I would like to see us make in theaters everywhere is not to operate from a position of fear—fear of artistic failure, of the unknown, of losing audience or funders, of poor press. Fear of employing an untried talent, of being the first to embrace something new (especially when others may have questioned it), of deploying production practices, schedules, staffing and organizational models outside our zone of comfort.

Fear of letting go of what we know—the comfortable narcotic familiar. All this kills the flourishing creative imagination. We know that and pay lip service to it religiously, but how often do we really, really let go of our established machinery? And how often do we find ourselves saying no—even in the politest possible way—to impulses only because, really, that's just not how we do things? Say yes!

And then Steve Cosson just gets points for making my living-dead morning a little brighter:

With the Civilians, I'm working on a big project about evangelical Christianity and the line between church and state, and for the Foundry Theatre, I'm writing an interview-based show about environmental and climate changes. So my resolution is to take a bit of a break and create a show about puppies —I'm thinking maybe puppies on a road trip, puppies getting into trouble, maybe a run-in with a mean cow or a feisty goat.

Which is exactly what I need this morning. Other than to be able to handle caffeine.

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Moxie said...

Thanks for the link, doll!

I also liked Adam Bock's resolution: "more yoga, more time with my dog." :-D