24 January 2007

I'm usually more of a "Sk8r Boi" girl myself, with its mobius strip type structure.

Yesterday evening I got home in, for various vague reasons, a funk. After a brilliant pre-workout power snack of lindt chocolate and tostitos ("Baked! Tostitos Scoops!" !!), I trudged out into the weary world - trudged, weary, out into the world - towards the gym. I found an iPod playlist I'd made for when I got my wisdom teeth out. It's called "distraction," meaning "distraction from pain and possibly accompanying nausea," and felt like I could use that sort of thing. The chocolate sure wasn't doing anything with my endorphins. The mix is a big mash of songs meant for shuffling, a feature I rarely use on my whole iPod library because of all the weird bits I inherited from James along with the computer . (Gregorian chant is lovely, but doesn't always work on a mix.) So I set it to shuffle, set the distraction mix to play, and on comes Avril Lavigne's "I'm With You." And what do you know, but right then, it was the most inspirational thing I'd ever heard. (No, this isn't hormonal.) I set off down First Ave reinvigorated, reassured, with renewed faith in the world and my ability to thrive in it.

Also aware that I'd hit an all-time low of incredible lameness. But hey, whatever works.

(Also if you do a Google image search for Avril Lavigne, you'll not only find way too many amusingly badass pictures to put on your blog, but also some beautiful photoshopping of her face (always the same picture) onto other ladies' naked bodies. Just in case you were wondering.)


Jeremy said...

I love that song! Avril rocks. :)

And we're reading the same book now. But you'll probably finish before me, because I read slooooooooooow. -ly, even.

Jeremy said...
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Moxie said...

Totally. Some of her songs are pretty kickass when you're in the mood, mostly because she didn't write them and the people who did are talented mofos.