03 January 2007

Lifelong Dream, Check.

When Kate moved in with us this fall, she was fresh off a summer in Valencia. (Oh, Valencia.) And, wanting to get on our good sides early (tough, with one of us being her brother, and she's totally ruined it by eating all my hot chocolate and peanut butter), she brought presents. Matching presents. The best presents ever. And as I'm the girl who took a year to put up all the pictures in my bedroom, it took me till now to take the picture I've wanted to share with you all for the last five months:

Isn't it amazing? I had to share. Also, I've always wanted a picture of my tits on the internet.

We also, all in our matching shirts, took a family portrait, three roommates plus cats (not in shirts - Kate's good, but not that good). I'd post that one, but I'd ruin my carefully maintained blog anonymity. And besides, it doesn't make me look nearly as stacked.

1 comment:

Kate. Yes, THE Kate. said...

I totally resent that LIE about your hot chocolate and peanut butter. You're just selfish.