18 January 2007

(Something About Chicago)

I would very much like for my roommate to come home now, or at least to answer my text message, asking the question that's gone unanswered all week: Can I use your rolly suitcase? In the meantime, not packing, and half-assedly cleaning my room. (My room, which is twenty degrees colder than the rest of the apartment. Too cold to clean, even wearing fleece pants and a hat. Anyway.)

Up early tomorrow for Chicago. Probably reading Emperor's Children out of inertia (and convincing jacket copy), but your recommendations are not being ignored. The Julian Barnes, a suggestion I've gotten before, is especially not being ignored. I've also encumbered myself pretty thoroughly with work reading for this trip - a sure-to-be-tedious play, and background on the theatres I'm visiting. On the hosting end of the types of meetings I'm having, my boss always throws in an "I don't know if you've visited our website, but..." and if faced with that sort of question. I intend to be able to answer that with an honest nod.

In my (extensive, three-day) absence, let me leave you with a little reading to fill the void. A little while ago, I got a pleasantly surprising shout-out on the [title of show] out like a 12-year-old blog. See, geekingfangirl has its pluses. In this case, it got me some extra visitors, a (too brief) email exchange with Susan Blackwell, and the discovery of a new blog, the also-shouted-out to He Who Laughs. There's something perfect about his balance of humor bits, daily anecdotes, and cute pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal. Some time when I'm not lazy I'll add it to my blogroll.

Still no answer from the roommate. Getting bitter. And I've been wearing a hat indoors for the last two hours. When I'm back, you'll here about Chicago, hopefully Sonia Flew at Steppenwolf, and Famous Puppet Death Scenes from the Public's Under the Radar festival (Sunday, post-Chicago). Till then.

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Johnny said...

Top Three Songs About Chicago:

3. Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top
2. Is Chicago/Is Not Chicago - Soul Coughing
1. Chicago - Sufjan Stephens