11 January 2007

"A tuneful, tactless triumph, with a big bleeding heart where its head should be."

I know you probably can't afford this. But. Just in case you can, and you're not on the really annoying Ticket Central mailing list (because if you are, you already know about what I'm about to say), there's a wee discount for Gutenberg! The Musical! that if you can take advantage of, you should. [Okay, the link above takes you to what I wrote when I saw it. The show's (delightful) webpage can be found here.] [Never mind - the delightful website's been taken down. Which sucks. Because it was really neat.] [Oh, wait! I found it, sneaky-like. Here.]

January 16 through February 11, tickets are $30, which is $20 less than the $50 they'd otherwise be.

Use code CUTCT54 at either BroadwayOffers.com or on the telephone (212.947.8844). Or avoid service charges altogether and print this page and bring it to the Actors' Playhouse box office, at 100 7th Ave South. I've done a lot of walking past that theatre, and this is the first good show I've ever seen them have.

I'm currently reading a book on the history of the alphabet (dork), which, as you might imagine, deals a bit with Gutenberg and his printing press. (Seen here. And here.) And while my book says Gutenberg was a metalsmith, and not a winemaker as Gutenberg! claims - and I gotta say, I believe the book - it's still a wonderful show.

And, whoa, guess who just found a new myspace friend. (Dork.)

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