01 February 2007

Good Morning

My apartment has no hot water. I'm not sure if this means that, right now, we also have no heat. It's hard to tell because I still haven't put up my draft-busting foam strip things to seal the half-inch gaps around my windows, so the curtains are billowing with the cold air rushing in, as per usual. But it feels even colder than normal. I think. Even in the bathroom, which isn't normally frigid, I sat shivering while waiting, in vain, for the water to heat up. It is so sad when the water doesn't heat up. As you sit shivering in fleece pants and a sweatshirt. I like civilization and technology. I miss the hot water. I think that this might mean there's no heat.

Of course, this means a shower is out of the question. Ew, gross, right? Whatever. A cold shower is something you can rush through if you must in, say, July, but when it's 28 degrees in your bathroom, it's not gonna happen. Even washing my hands was making me want to, I dunno, cry or whatever - when I'm still sleepy my already pathetic tolerance for pain, cold, and anything upsetting completely vanishes - so I filled a big bowl with warm water and washed my face 1800s-style. I am so resourceful.

Of course this doesn't happen on a weekend, and it doesn't happen on any old work day, especially not when I'm well rested enough to, say, not react like a total and complete baby. More on why I especially wanted to shower today later, after this morning, probably - this morning is, partly, why I haven't written anything lately, (I've also been going out like a normal 24-year-old lately, and I don't know how you people do it) but isn't the suspense I'm building worth it? - but know that I'm also going on about five hours of sleep. Which, for me, is not okay. God, I am so cool.

So, yeah, I just wrote a 7:30 AM blog post about how I can't shower today. I'm going to stop now, but mostly because I want to put on gloves. My roommates will be up, soon, and then I'll get to warn them bitch at them.

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