27 February 2007

I Have Absolutely Nothing to Say

Dead babies aren't a joke, except when they are.

I don't know if it's been announced anywhere other than the sign out front at Second Stage, but the entire New Haven cast of Eurydice will be playing the off-Broadway run. Tip of the hat to director Les Waters for integrity. Or for being too lazy to work in new actors, but either way, a move I can respect.

On Friday I continued my brilliant tradition of seeing great shows closing weekend, when it's too late to recommend them to anyone, trekking to New Jersey to see Honor and the River at Luna Stage. A neat little theatre doing exciting new plays in Montclair. Who knew. And trains to New Jersey are about half the price of trains to Long Island.

Oh, and on Saturday, I finally took part in this. I keep hoping they'll put our mission on the website so I don't have to write it up. I'm not sure I can properly capture the poetry of doing something like the second half of this in Grand Central.

If, unlike me, you're not working all day this Sunday, check out Joe Iconis' show at Joe's Pub. I can't be there, so make out with him on my behalf.

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Playwrights Foundation said...

Not only is it the entire cast from the Yale Rep production, but it's most of the same cast from the Berkeley Rep production he directed two years ago.