07 February 2007

In Need of Dispelling

This is the artwork for Roundabout's upcoming production of Prelude to a Kiss:

And this is Emily Swallow:

I need someone to tell me that these are not pictures of the same person. I know it's ridiculous, but it looks just like her, and I need to be shaken out of my obviously-wrong belief.


parabasis said...

ummm.. who is Emily Swallow?

Why do they need to be different people?

Jaime said...

She's an actress - the picture's from Measure for Pleasure last year at the Public - and it just seems so implausible.

parabasis said...

ah. i really wanted to see Measure for Pleasure. Largely because a friend told me he gave "a disaster of an audition" for it.

You were a big fan, right?

Jaime said...

Loved it madly.