12 February 2007

Weekend Round-up Part 1: Plays Without Singing

This weekend I got to see Journey's End and to revisit The Little Dog Laughed. In the reverse order of that. And first I ate a Chipotle burrito that made me perhaps the happiest I've ever been, if only for a few moments.

The Little Dog Laughed is still a fucking fantastic show - Julie White is as brilliant as everyone says she is, Tom Everett Scott is fantastic, the play is hilarious and great - and if you can see it, you should. (The not-too-bad-at-all balcony seats are $25.) Johnny Galecki (for whom I've developed a new appreciation from "My Boys") was out, and his understudy was perfectly fine. Zoe Lister Jones, who played the role of the girl, whatever her name is, off-Broadway, is back in for the last two weeks, as Ari Graynor's off doing... something. And she (ZLJ) has one of the most grating voices I've ever heard on stage. I've never missed Ari Graynor so much. The show's closing very soon, which is a travesty. Made worse by the fact that the merch guy told me that if they'd stayed open longer, they would have made t-shirts with the now only-on-an-overpriced-magnet line "You have my word as an entertainment industry professional."

Journey's End (no website?!) is apparently a famous (James read it in high school) WWI play, written by a British guy, and, from the program note, it galvanized the world, or something. Sooo completely not my sort of thing. Which makes it surprising how good I thought it was. Fantastic cast (Boyd Gaines, wow, and everyone else), perfect design, and brilliant direction that I think is to thank for the play not feeling 90 years old at all.

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