14 March 2007

Bitter Fruit of the Muffin Tree

Every time we have a staff meeting, one of my co-workers eats a chocolate muffin. This is a relatively new thing, as of the last month or so, and every week it drives me crazy with covetous lust. To the point that even when I'm not in a staff meeting, I'm sometimes thinking about chocolate muffins. Needing to buy a meal today, as I'm going to a dance concert tonight, and only brought what can be my lunch or dinner, I decided to buy myself my long longed-for chocolate muffin. My first stop, the Europa Cafe on 8th Ave, only had chocolate chip muffins. In case you don't understand, this is a chocolate muffin. With chips, yes, but also with a dark dark lustful muffin base. I'm not obsessing over nothing. And chips were not going to cut it. So I headed over to the Bread Factory at 43rd and 9th, and, score, they've got chocolate chocolate chip muffins! I take it back to the office, the sinfully heavy bag, and at my desk, when I take a bite, my first thought is, "Is this kosher for Passover?" In case you've never had kosher for Passover baked goods, it's not a good thing. They're made without flour, but not in the flourless chocolate cake way. In the cardboard is also made without flour way. I think the thing's actually a chocolate chocolate chip corn muffin. It's way too light a brown. I should've followed my coworker's lead and just got full-out and gotten one of the things for breakfast, as the Pick-a-Bagel by my apartment looks to have the real, sinful deal. Because you know what this failure means. I'm gonna have to buy another chocolate chocolate chip muffin. Damnit. But learn from my mistakes: chocolate muffins at Bread Factory = BAD. Not like I'm not eating it, but still. Bad.

[Update: Whoa. I'm really full. I might not be doing one of these things for breakfast any time soon.]

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Moxie said...

Lenny's for muffins! Have you been there yet? 9th ave between 43rd and 44th, it's like bread factory only a tad more pricey with better quality stuff. Plus it's nice and clean and not sketchy like bread factory always seems (to me, anyway).