11 March 2007

Oh, So THAT'S How to Get Young Folks to the Theatre

I've been having a ridiculously, and beautifully, low-key weekend, consisting of reading (work & Murakami), laundry, making it to the gym twice, and finally watching the Netflix DVD that I've had sitting on the tv set for the last seven years. (Henry Fool, which was wonderful and strange.) Since getting home Friday night (after a movie and carousing, lest you think I'm actually 90 years old), I haven't ventured below 65th Street (Gristedes) or above 76th (my gym). None of that has anything to do with the main point of this post - I'm just really enjoying my little retreat, and wanted to set it down in print.

Anyway, to balance out the incredible uncoolness of that first paragraph, Adam Rapp! New play! Under-30 party with free booze!! Read on...

Playwrights Horizons (behold their brilliant 07-08 season) and the wonderful Edge Theater (which I can't mention without also mentioning that I helped paint a set with them once, with David Korins, so how cool am I?) are co-producing (at PH) Adam Rapp's new play, Essential Self-Defense. Because Adam Rapp appeals to the youngins, they're doing some clever age-oriented marketing:

From Edge's mailing list - $20 tickets if you're under 30. And yes, you'll have to show ID at the door. Use code EDGE.

Not under 30? Use code EDBL for $40 tickets.

Under 30 and like some free booze with your $20 ticket? And also other party things, because booze isn't all there is in life? This is where the youth marketing actually gets cool - the Essential Self-Defense Post-Modern Post-Prom Lock-in Mixer. I have no idea what makes it post-modern, but it sounds pretty cool - for $20 (the price of a plain under-30 ticket, if you got that Edge email, or are reading this now), you get into the show and a party afterwards, featuring three bands (including Less, which is Adam Rapp and half the cast of the show - you may remember them from Finer Noble Gasses), prom polaroids, mysterious door prizes, and that holy grail of free booze - spiked punch, and, according to the Playwrights' Horizons website, "kegs in the boys' rooms." Which seems a little sexist to me, but whatever. It's not like I'd be trying to get to the kegs anyway.

I'm not usually one to lay out money for theatre, but if I have two and a half drinks (which is probably actually a stretch), it'll be like I went to a bar and bought my own drinks, and saw a play for free! If we go with my usual one-drink-then-splat habits, it's like maybe a 12-dollar show, which I guess is fine, too. I could also come up with formulas that take into account the approximate cost of seeing these bands play a show, but I think you get the idea. Jaime = CHEAP JEW looking to make excuses for spending $20 on a show she probably could have seen for free. Nonetheless! The night sounds fun - it's March 30th, by the by - and I'll be there, and you should, too.

[Update - it's sold out. But tickets are still available for, like, any other night. Though without the free booze or getting to point to one of the guys in one of the bands and say, hey, I think I saw him pee on stage once. You can still whisper that to your friends at the show.]

If you still want to get tickets:

Online: www.playwrightshorizons.org
Phone: call Ticket Central - 212.279.4200
In Person: at the Ticket Central Box Office, 416 W 42nd Street

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