01 April 2007

Amuse Bouche

Did you know that Julie White's done some judging on "Iron Chef America"? I caught her on battles chicken egg and breakfast. She's kind of amazing. Especially when she says "amuse bouche."

Aside from watching Julie White eat eggs, listening to Sigourney Weaver narrate about nature, and eating barbeque potato chips while watching Super-Size Me, I've done lots of productive, important things this weekend. For example, last night I went to Brooklyn. Sort of like when my dad and I drove to Providence to drop off some paperwork, and even with lunch in New Haven we were commuting for twice as long as we were anywhere we visited. I also saw lots of interesting theatre, and I was planning on writing a earth-shaking little blog post about theatre's relationship to the audience, but I've been hardcore cleaning my room tonight, so that'll have to wait. In the meantime, I'll just alert you that the lovely Joe Iconis (of the numerous - and awesome - Things to Ruin concerts and the upcoming The Black Suits at MCC) has started a blog, and, if you want, you could read it.

Earth-shattering manifesto tomorrow. I promise.

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