16 April 2007


I don't know why anyone does Friday Catblogging - isn't Monday when you need it the most, to take the edge off the prospect of the coming week? To inaugurate (and possibly close out) Surplus Official Monday Catblogging, we've got two kittens for you, straight from the grammatically averse geniuses at I CAN HAS CHEESBURGER? First, in the tradition of sugary sweet fluffballs...

and then one that's about booze and not even cute or a cat:

In the eternal wisdom of Emily from Gawker: "Crazy cat ladies are many things—single and living in unclean cat-hair aparments littered with kitty litter, etc—but they're not dumb. They're intimidatingly smart. That's why they're single. Well, that and the cats." Happy Caturday. Start your week out right.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am checking your blog from Belgium specifically so that you will check and see "wow, someone viewed my blog from BELGIUM!"

the marshmallow cat is the cutest thing ever.

see you monday.