30 April 2007

Caturgay, Anguish Edition

"Crazy cat ladies are many things—single and living in unclean cat-hair aparments littered with kitty litter, etc—but they're not dumb. They're intimidatingly smart. That's why they're single. Well, that and the cats." -Emily from Gawker

Also via Gawker, lolgay:

But moving on.

That's a depressing bunch of lolcats. Please don't eat me, I don't like my shoes, no one wants to give me a high five... sorry, kittens. [All depressing lolcats (& lolgerbil) via ICHC, as per usual. It's not like I make these things up myself.]

1 comment:

parabasis said...

did you let a dog slip in there on purpose, or did he sneak by, ninja style and infiltrate your cat fortress?