05 April 2007

I'd Like to Thank My Mom, My Old Job For Being So Boring I Always Blogged at Work, and My 9th Grade English Teacher, Whose Name I Have Forgotten

subject: holy shit

did your blog just get namechecked in time out??


Why thanks! And fuck yes it did. For those of you who read me but not Time Out (all three of you) you can read what's in the print version here, and a listicle confined to the internet here.

Because I'm a slut for validation, I'm all keen and proud, and would tell my mom if that didn't mean also showing her to the blog. She's a high school guidance counselor and in the midst of telling all her kids' parents to know what's on their kids' myspace pages, she took her own advice. But don't worry - she didn't find anything troubling on her 24-year-old daughter's page. There's a link from there to here, but I don't ever want to know if she followed it.

The bloggy mentions are part of the annual TONY theatre special, which is fun, and maybe a little dishier than in the past. (There's still gonna be a Tonys preview, right? I know they're irrelevant and all, but they're so much fun. And did you know the medallion in the Tony award spins? It does.)

For those of you coming here for the first time - welcome! Hopefully I'll be as honest and (eek) funny as you've been led to believe. (But probably not.)


CrimeNotes said...

Fun and awesome.

I wanna be listicled by 1.) FHM, 2.) Cat Fancy, and 3.) the New York Review of Books. Hat trick.

anna said...

so cool! i love it! sending hugs to you, you tony rockstar!