12 April 2007

If I Stay In My Tiny and Miraculously Underpriced Three-Bedroom Share for Just Fifteen More Years, This Is Going to Be AMAZING

[Click to enlarge. NY Mag Daily Intel via Curbed.]

Happy Second-Avenue Groundbreaking Day #3 #4! Highlights from the Gothamist liveblogging:

10:30: No groundbreaking ceremony yet. The MTA is already behind schedule on the 2nd Avenue Subway! Clearly a sign of things to come!

10:46 Peter Kalikow steps to the podium and tells us that we now have the money (and political support) for the project, which is why it's different than the last groundbreakings.

10:42: Sandler says that the 2nd Ave Subway is no longer a bad joke, but our future.

Sweet. And I would like my future to include being able to afford staying in this neighborhood, so I may some day ride the Q from Times Square directly to my apartment, or the T from my home to, say, the Lower East Side. Which by that time will have reverted back to an immigrant ghetto. I wait with bated breath.


parabasis said...

the question is... to put it unmildly (would that be "spicely"?)... why are you living in Manhattan? are you trying to meet woody allen, perhaps?

Jaime said...

Because I love:

-my apartment
-my neighborhood
-being able to walk to Central Park

and I'm also an elitist snob. But not the Brooklyn kind of snob.

Really it's because senior year of college James said he would only live in Manhattan, and I didn't want to lose my roommate. But those are the reasons I want to stay.