06 April 2007

Only Four Days And One Year Left!

Courtesy of PlaybillArts (courtesy of James), some very exciting pictures from the English National Opera's Satyagraha, a co-production with the Met. Why do I care? Why should you? Why am I eagerly counting down the days to its New York opening of April 11 2008? It's directed by Phelim McDermott and designed by Julian Crouch, two of the three artistic directors of the UK theatre company Improbable, a company also known as Where I've Run Off To If I'm Ever Mysteriously Gone. Improbable brought us the staggeringly brilliant work Spirit, a work of puppetry and play and storytelling that was one of the most powerful expressions of confusion in the face of war and loss I've ever encountered, at New York Theatre Workshop, and they've created the stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Wolves in the Walls (a production that was supposed to be coming to the States and is nowhere to be found). They're also the people, if not the company, behind Shockheaded Peter. If you haven't seen some of these, it might not be possible to conceive how incredibly amazing their work is. I've just tried about seven different ways of explaining why or how. I don't think I can.

And now, an opera. Which normally wouldn't be piquing my interest (Philip Glass & Gandhi?), but these folks not only make theatre that makes me want to run away to England to join the circus but also consistently breaks my heart with its powers of aesthetic consumption. Consuming me, that is. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for puppets. Because look! Puppets!:

Prefer giant street thug leprechauns in your operas? Phelim McDermott has got you covered:

Rather have more puppets?

This is going to be so fucking awesome.


anna said...

speaking of puppets, i'm seeing bread and puppet wednesday night! they're performing a few blocks away in little ole iowa city! hooray! puppets!

David M said...

I'm pretty certain that Improbable's _Wolves_ is confirmed for the New Victory in the fall. There was a posting about it on Neil Gaiman's blog in the last month or 2.

David M

Jaime said...

Anna - I'm mad jealous.

David M - Yes! Thank you - I'd totally forgotten.