14 April 2007

Saturday Office Dispatch

kate: how goes it?
jaime: okay
kate: disaster?
jaime: there were, like, five missing pages from one script
jaime: another script had at least one of those pages, so i decided to start from scratch
jaime: and number the 296 pages by hand
jaime: which i should've done before
kate: oh jesus. there's no way to, you know, do that on a COMPUTER?
jaime: nope - it's a word file plus 20 printed pdfs of music.
kate: eww
jaime: which i filed together by hand. it's really not that bad.
kate: lots of.. numbering.
jaime: and then our copier sticks pages together and misses them, which is what happened last night
jaime: so it's the copier's fault, and then my fault for not checking
kate: i see
kate: how ironic.
jaime: like rain on your wedding day
kate: no
kate: not like that
kate: we were just talking about the faults of your copier
jaime: i know
jaime: more like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife?
kate: stop
jaime: stuck in your head now, too?
kate: more like... when you get home, i'm going to beat you to death with a mis-filed script.
kate: that kinda ironic
jaime: gotcha

1 comment:

Johnny said...

There was actually a dialogue just like this in one of my one-acts. Except instead of originating from a discussion about photocopying scripts, it originated from a discussion about a boarding school student who may or may not have been physically abused by his teacher.

But Alanis didn't want none of that.