12 April 2007

Things That Make You Go "Ooh!" At Your Computer Screen

I don't know how Cara Joy knows, but I think she does:

It appears that Signature is doing a season of Charles Mee plays starting with his take on Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis. (I don't think this has been announced, but it might have been... If it has, just ignore me.)

No ignoring here! And if they're not doing $15 tickets again (god bless you, Time Warner), I think I just found myself my second theatre subscription. I've read exactly one Chuck Mee play (I think it was Big Love, in college), and seen none, but I really really really liked what I read, and what I've heard is intriguing and sounds good. Lyrical, exuberant, language- and image-based. (I wonder if Signature is just doing this so they don't have to pay any rights. [Corrected in the comments by Mark. There I go trying to remember things I thought I knew in college.]) Of course, with his work more than maybe most writers, the production is hugely important to the play's success, and what I've seen at Signature has been hit (King Hedley, Baltimore Waltz) and miss (my beloved, butchered Hot N' Throbbing, Landscape of the Body), but I'm still very excited to get to see these plays. Not that there aren't often other Chuck Mee productions around the city - I'm just a lazy ass. I hope Les Waters isn't too busy to direct, like, all of them. Maybe Mark Brokaw if I have to settle.


Aaron Riccio said...

Well, there's a production of Chuck's "Orestes 2.0" at HERE right now, you might want to check that out before it's gone. I didn't love it (there's a review up on my site for why), but I think having a focus on Chuck's best work at a steady house like Signature may illustrate WHY he's an important experimental writer (and if they decide to focus on his Greek adaptations...how often do we see that off-Broadway?).

Mark said...

I think, if I'm not mistaken, that one does have to pay Chuck if they produce fully intact productions of the plays. The royalty-free thing is if someone wants to appropriate his plays into cut-and-paste mash-ups. I think. Your link to it seems to indicate that.

As I say over at my place, I'm guessing they're going to produce A Perfect Wedding, hopefully in the wonderful Davis McCallum production that was seen at NYU.

Jaime said...

Good catch, Mark. I hope they include A Perfect Wedding - I've heard great things.

But now I'm feeling some big guilt for not seeing productions like the one at HERE (a venue/producer/theatre I adore) and waiting until they're neatly packaged at a larger theatre with (probably) more established artists. That's not my reasoning - it's mostly that I hope I'm more able to pay for theatre when the Signature season comes around.